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New Jersey Plastic Surgery Launches New Clinical Research Site

New Jersey Clinical Research Center (NJCRC) is a dedicated arm to NJPS that focuses on advances in the plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine communities. NJCRC operates autonomously from the private practice office as support and managed with the partnerships and collaborations with NJCRC and TMC Group LLC.

In this collaborative partnership, we are able to secure compliance with the regulatory authorities and set forth guidances with our sponsors and our executed trials. In this collaboration, we are able to expand our service offering to new entrepreneurs who are looking to bring their products to market, or established sponsors looking to substantiate claims or enhance their product lines.

We are equipped to offer medical, regulatory, safety surveillance, data management, quality assurance and control, medical writing, protocol design, data capture tool design and more. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have secured business continuity through implementation of FDA accepted mitigations such as conducting telemedicine visits, remote pre-screening of potential subjects prior to an on-site visit, securing personnel capacity minimums as spread throughout the three level research center and more.

We are also fortunate to work closely with Canfield Scientific to support good standings with all research equipment. Due to our collaborative partnerships with the Canfield leadership team, we are able to secure system upgrades, repairs, replacements on the spot or within a short period of time.

NJCRC has had the opportunity and honor to work with well recognized product development entities such as:

  • Cynosure – Acne Scar Repair / Skin Laxity 
  • TrueSculpt – Abdominal circumference reduction
  • Allergan – Breast Implant Longevity study
  • MTF – Volume Restoration
  • THERMI TIGHT – Submental Lift
  • THERMIVA – Vaginal Laxity
  • HEALTHYCELL – Multivitamin
  • Cytrellis
  • InMode
  • Optigenex 

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