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"Cytrellis chose NJ Clinical Research Center because Dr. Barry DiBernardo brings decades of experience utilizing aesthetic technology and is personally involved in the study design and execution. His insights into product development and commercialization are invaluable. He and his professional team have treated a myriad of patients and offer an array of services such as on-site imaging and a certified photography.”

- Tracey H. Wielinski
SVP Quality, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs
Cytrellis BioSystems Inc

“I have truly enjoyed working with Dr. DiBernardo and his research team for over a decade and recommend him for medical advisory in all phases of a products lifecycle (concept, new product implementation, post market etc). He and the team are always on top of the latest industry trends as well as the scientific technology needed to assess treatment outcomes. His innovative and passionate input has been crucial to the success of many of our and other products that are on the market today. ”

- Jennifer Civiok
Director, Clinical Development

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