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OverviewNew Jersey Clinical Research Center

Welcome to the Patient Resources portion of the NJCRC.org site. You can learn about procedures, research, and important aspects of our trials here. To start patients on their journey in the world of research, we wanted to offer you a quick guide on what to expect on trials performed at The New Jersey Clinical Research Center in Montclair, NJ.

What Trials Do We Perform?

The trials that are performed at the The New Jersey Clinical Research Center are primarily aesthetic trials researching both technologies and procedures. Aesthetic research focuses on a person’s physical appearance and the results of treatments performed strictly for cosmetic purposes. Research in this field may include trying new skincare treatments, new facelift procedures, and similar projects.

What To Expect From Aesthetic Trials

  1. In most studies, the first thing that doctors will do is ensure that you are truly qualified and that the information you put on our application is correct. Then, they will confirm that you are able to follow the instructions required of the clinical trial.
  2. Afterwards, your doctor or staff member will take initial photos from a variety of different angles, take notes about your preliminary health measurements, and also get baseline measurements of your face and body if necessary.
  3. After this is done, you will be given the treatment that you’re testing along with instructions on what will be expected of you. This can include being prescribed pills, having a procedure performed in-office, or something else entirely.
  4. From there, you will be expected to return to the office on a regular basis. These office visits will include photograph sessions, interviews, and monitoring of any side effects you may have.
  5. Once the trial’s time is completed, doctors will thank you for your work.

What To Expect If You Apply For A Study

Your doctor or staff member will explain the nature of the trial, what will be required of you, known potential risks, and offer you a timeline of the overall trial. You will be required to visit the clinic a set number of times, both to receive treatment and to give staff time for followup.

After you have been debriefed on the study, you will be given the option to officially agree. By agreeing to the process, you will be required to follow instructions given to you by your doctor without any deviation. Following your instructions is crucial to ensuring clinical trial quality. Once you join a study, what happens next will change depending on the type of clinical trial you take and the trial’s work itself.

Prior to performing any study related activities, you will be required to undergo the inform and consent process. The consent is given to you by means of a document for you to read and take home (whether you sign it or not), and will include a presentation of the information by the doctor or assigned study staff member” If you agree to participate in the study, the doctor and assigned study staff member will confirm that you are eligible for the study by reviewing study specific criteria for inclusion and exclusion.

Why Choose The New Jersey Clinical Research Center for Clinical Research?

There are many companies that are currently performing clinical trials, but not many are as qualified to work on trials as we are. Our center offers the following benefits for every patient who partners up with us. These benefits include:

Qualified Staff Members

Nothing is quite as alarming as seeing clinical trials that are mostly carried out by people who aren’t qualified to do so. Every person who works at the Center for Clinical Research has years of experience in their fields and received top of the line training.

Our years of experience in the medical field mean that you will be able to receive the highest quality care during your trial. We are experts at managing side effects and will be able to ensure the highest level of safety possible for all our patients.

Clear Answers

Though highly unethical, there are clinical trials and research groups that don’t always answer patients’ questions in full. At times, some studies may not even reveal what the trial is even measuring.

Our staff believes in integrity, and that includes full disclosure. We have a very strict ethical policy that involves open communication with our patients. No question will ever remain unanswered, nor will any aspect of your trial be unclear to you.

Care-Filled Followup

Our clinicians truly do care about the safety and wellbeing of our patients. We always make a point of offering immediate care and follow up if symptoms occur. Our goal isn’t just to research new treatment methods; it’s to make sure you are healthy.

If you ever feel uncomfortable, sick, or notice side effects during our trials, we strongly encourage you to call regardless of the day it is. We will work with you to make sure your side effects don’t hurt you anymore.

Quality Research With Quality Tools

Joining a research group is not easy. It’s a lot of work and a lot of risk on your behalf. Imagine knowing you joined a study that didn’t actually make a difference after data was proven to be unreliable. Crushing, isn’t it?

At the The New Jersey Clinical Research Center, we use the highest testing standards, protocols, and technology available. This means that the work our patients participate in will be used to promote new treatments and will be highly regarded in the scientific community.

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The Best Decision Of My Life

“I researched many doctors for over a five-year period and decided to go with Dr. DiBernardo who was rated one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. I got a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants and would love to post my picture. I finally have the body that I dreamed of!”

“Beautiful cohesiveness

“My confidence level in them all is 100%. They presented me with choices just for me even down to my compression garment - it was all for me! I loved my experience, I would definitely recommend Dr. DiBernardo & his staff!!”

Extremely professional and welcoming

“My son needed surgery and from the moment I knew that he needed a plastic surgeon, Dr. Dibernardo was the only person I would have trusted to perform surgery on my son. Thank you!”

Perfect surgeon for my breast lift.

“The moment I met Dr. DeBernardo I really really liked him. He was pleasant and informative. I felt like I was in good hands. He suggested I get a special suture that would enhance the lift and provide better fullness at the top of the breast.”

I could not be happier.

“From the first day, I looked 'down' after my surgery, to this very day, I am confident about myself, and every day I appreciate the results. I was cared for and respected every step of the way. Always a professional, beautiful facility, friendly, and willing to work at making my experience as comfortable and convenient as possible.”

NJPS is absolutely First Class

“Residing in Los Angeles, and being a National Aesthetic Consultant, I know first hand what separates the best from the Elites. NJPS is in a class by itself! 2 Thumbs Up!!”

Dr. DiBernardo solved a lifelong skin issue.

“We had been to all the top doctors in NYC and NJ with very little success. He took the time to research a plan and execute it based on the best that science could offer. I highly recommend New Jersey Plastic Surgery!”

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